About Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells is formerly a military physician. He spent years in providing personalized medical care in Las Vegas known as “concierge medicine” at a reasonable rate for patients. He took over four years to be an active-duty physician at Nellis Air Force Base, where he provides care for internal conditions. Dr. Eells graduated from University of Nevada School of Medicine. And was a board certified in 1989 by the American College of Physicians. He finished his internship at the University of Medical Center in Las Vegas. Dr. Eells was identified as Americas Top Physician in 2009 by the Research Council of America. He specializes in Internal Medicine, a field of specialization that deals with the diagnosis, treatment of adult disease and the prevention. He is married for 25 years and has four children. He loves spending time with his family and colleagues and having trip at his family’s cabin in Southern Utah. He is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And served for two years as a missionary in Chile.

Before he started his own practice in 2011. He was first a member of MDVIP, it is a national personalized preventative health care network established in Florida. He offers a yearly executive physicals examination to all of his patients to help them discover health problems and to prevent the disease early. Dr. Eells can also recommend substitute medicines when applicable. Watch Dr. Jim Eells Youtube Channel to know more about him.

Different from other physicians, Dr. Eells offered a quality service for a yearly fee that contains a medical care, diagnostic work up and physical examination. This physical is allowing Dr. Eels in determining what nutritional insufficiencies you have and what are diseases you might be at risk. As an outcome he will be able to provide you with an anti-aging, precautionary healthcare that can possibly stop the inception of disease.

Dr. Jim Eells

Unlike the diagnostic and physicals provided by other medical facilities you will be given a report and this will be reviewed in detail to provide you strategies that can optimized your health through precautionary measures and medical intercessions. Dr. Jim Eells offers low-cost and practical options usually cheaper than the mandatory deductibles to insurance policies.

Before attending to medical school, he received a degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Nevada. Since 1990, he’s been certified to exercise medicine in Nevada.

Dr. Eells evaluates few patient in a consistent basis. He promotes the healthy way of living, examine supplements and vitamins and offers advice on anti-aging habits and treatments.