Career in Politics of Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon
Since his early job, Neil Dhillon has succeeded in 2 of his serious obsessions, politics and public policy. His first career was in 1980 where he was taking his undergraduate degree major in Political Science in Washington, DC at American University. In 1984, he finished his Degree in Political Science.

Though he has great interest in the field of history, specifically on how the history affects the politic, he both manage to serve to field in his future. He is seeing the past just like his laboratory, while he tries to learn why and how the decisions from the past are made. He wanted to ensure that he can use his background in history and political science in order to help the society to progress instead of regress. After he had graduated, he immediately joined the scene of politics. In 1988, he was hired on his first job under the US Congressman Bob Matsui. He became the Chief of Staff of Bob Matsui, giving him advises and become present in the “war rooms” of the big politicians. By using his knowledge in political science and history, he provided advises to different powerful politicians, businesses, foreign governments and trade groups.

Neil Dhillon

By learning the past decision made in the history of human race, he was able to give help to his entire clients in making better progress and future decisions. Neil Dhillon also believed that in order for the citizens who have desire in participating in country’s democracy to become informed, they must first understand and learn the past. According to him, the past can reveal the solutions of today’s problems as well as for future.

In 1993, he made a bigger transition. Neil Dhillon was sent to White House right after he served at the Capitol Hill. Neil was appointed as the Government Affair’s Deputy Assistant Secretary to the United States Department of Transportation by the ex-Pres. Bill Clinton. Because of his successful work and strong dedication, President Clinton quickly recognized that Dhillon was one of a kind world class talent that made him the “top Asian-American appointee” at the official ceremony in White House.

Neil Dhillon eventually moved from White House to continue his career in private sector. Neil then achieved a successful career with numerous organizations and businesses, thanks to the experience and knowledge he obtained while he was studying in Washington, DC at American University and his working experience at White House and Capitol Hill.