Hunting Kayaks for Stealing up on Your Prey

As opposed to small boats with engines whose noise inevitably scares away your fish, duck, or animal, hunting kayaks are silent, thus allowing you to get up really close to your prey so that you don’t miss a single shot.

In general, any recreational or sea kayak suitable for fishing will also be great for hunting. The canoe must be stable when not being paddled, allowing you to use both hands in your pursuit. It must also have enough storage space to pack your catch until you return to land.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hunting kayak

Opt for a boat which has camouflage – much easier to buy ready made by professionals than to try to accomplish the same standard on your own. These canoes generally cover your legs and make any upper body movement seem a part of the environment, so as not to scare away your target.

There are many ways to hunt wildlife from kayaks. One is jump shooting on rivers, lakes or on the ocean. Then there is hunting from a blind for all types of water birds. Decoys and dogs are another method, where the dog is sent off to collect the game.

Sit on top kayaks, either for one or two persons are recommended for all your hunting forays or kayak fishing, while those made of roto-molded polyethelene are considered to be the best choice of material. Most experts suggest that you should wear a wetsuit and personal floatation device (PFD) while hunting or fishing, as the chances are good that if you stand to shoot, you will fall into the water at some time or another. All your gear and accessories should be tied to lanyards and, as these trips are usually long, a really good paddle is also needed.

Before you even think of going out with hunting kayaks, ensure that you are up to speed on any and all regulations pertaining to the target area, as laws are different in each state and even in localized areas within a state. Now that you have all the information you need, put your camouflage on your boat and yourself and head out to the sea or river to find some really fast food!

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