Job Application and Hiring: Hot Tips by Andrea Doven

Andrea Doven

You have heard a lot about Andrea Doven. She is a woman who gives many successful actions and hot tips about hiring personnel. She is human resources executive who has been recruiting talents for over many years across several industries. These multiple industries includes personal/ IT management and entertainment. Below are some of the hot tips that Andrea want to share for hiring personnel. What are ways of hiring? How these below information help you?

Andrea Doven’s Hot tips in Hiring and Application:

• Bring the copy of your resume to the interview. As an applicant, make the interview easy for the hiring manager who is very busy on his schedule. Before the interview, have your personal resume be ready. Most of the times, many applicants forget to ready and bring their resume during the interview.

• Pay attention to the directions. Giving attention to the directions really blows the mind of applicant and it is also the first test of knowing their aptitude. Also, it is important to have at least three references in your resume to know your past works.

Andrea Doven

• Handshakes. In these tips, Andrea said that a limp and soft handshakes doesn’t mean that the person has a good confront and confident. The proper way of handshake is a hint that the person can adjust in any situation.

• Try to look in the eyes of your applicant. An applicant whose eye is dark around the room and cannot directly speak with you during the interview is not a good indication. It means that a candidate has a low level of confident and cannot confront easily, which means that there will be possibility of having a problem on the work.

• As an interviewer, note on criticism. It is very important that before hire, you make sure that your candidate has good records on past job.

• Your car is also a window of your personality. Andrea said that walking on your candidate going to their car will help you know more your applicant. It is better that you have a surprise visit on the inside of the car to see the inside condition. The inside condition of the car will give you also an indicator of applicants qualities toward the job.

These above tips are just some of the hot tips given by Andrea Doven. These tips can be used by the hiring manager and applicants during the interview to make the hiring table for both sides successful.