Perception Aquaterra Kayaks – Not Brand New, But Still a Joy to Own

Perception Aquaterra Kayaks were produced by Perception Kayaks up until 1995, when they were discontinued. As these kayaks are extremely strong and damage-resistant, there are still many on the market today and they remain a firm favourite with beginners and seasoned kayakers alike.

Aquaterra recreational kayaks are known for their wide beams and therefore being extremely stable on a sheltered bay, slow moving river, lake or pond. They came in a range of models, both singles and tandems.

The Keowees remain the best known of these canoes. Famous for their open cockpits and stability, these wide beam boats are still sought after as perfect kayaks for fishing, hunting and maybe a bit of photography. There are one- and two-person Keowees. The single person boat is 9’ 2” long, the cockpit is 17.5” wide and 39.5” long, while its beam is 29” around the cockpit. This boat weighs 38lbs.

The two-person Keowee 2 is solid, if a bit slow, and highly suitable for older people and children. It is 12’ 10” in length and its maximum beam width is 32.5”. The cockpit of this kayak is 7’ long and 26” wide. It weighs 61lbs.

The largest of all the Aquaterra recreational boats is the Jocasee. This model is a tandem (for two people). It is 16’ 6” in length and 32.5” wide with a 7’ by 26” cockpit. It weighs 80lbs and can be paddled on the ocean.

The Prism, one of the cheaper canoes in the range, does not have much storage capacity and is more stable on the water when completely empty. It has a flat top deck and is designed to allow for the installation of a rudder.

Another of the recreational kayaks in the range is the Acadia, which is ideal for larger paddlers wanting to while away some time on a quiet river or lake. It is 10’ long and has a skeg and stern storage hatch.

The Sea Lion is big enough for a large adult to paddle quite comfortably. It is also able to be fitted with a rudder, has loads of storage space and is suitable for touring or rowing on the sea.

Perception Aquaterra Kayaks may not be produced any longer, but if you hanker after the good old days, look for these boats on second-hand sale, as they are the very best you can buy.

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